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How Does Good Energy Impact the Use of Technology?

In today's world, technology is an inescapable part of our lives. Our phones, computers, and countless other devices are constantly at our fingertips. How we interact with technology profoundly impacts our experiences, productivity, and overall happiness. Understanding the role of "good energy" can empower us to use tech to our advantage, not detriment.

What is "Good Energy"?

"Good energy" refers to the spectrum of positive emotions, mindsets, and intentions we bring to our interactions. This includes:

  • Optimism: Seeing possibilities and believing in positive outcomes.

  • Enthusiasm:  Feeling excited and motivated by the task at hand.

  • Gratitude:  Appreciating the convenience and connection tech provides.

  • Mindfulness: Being fully present and aware of our thoughts and feelings.

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How Good Energy Optimizes Tech Performance

Good energy isn't just about feeling better; it translates into tangible results when using technology:

  • Boosted Problem Solving: A positive, solution-oriented mindset helps you tackle tech issues more effectively and find creative workarounds.

  • Improved Learning & Retention: When learning something new, enthusiasm and a belief in your abilities can enhance information absorption and memory.

  • Enhanced Collaboration:  Good energy in online team settings promotes smoother communication, reduces conflict, and boosts everyone's performance.

Good Energy Strategies for Tech Users

Here's how to cultivate good energy in your tech use:

  • Digital Declutter:  Tidying up physical space, and clearing out unused apps, old files, and unnecessary notifications creates mental clarity.

  • Intentional Tech Time:  Schedule specific times for tasks like checking email or social media, rather than constantly reacting to every chime.

  • Recharge Rituals:  Create a non-tech activity you enjoy to help you transition away from your devices (going for a walk, reading a book, etc.)

  • "Feel Good" Tech List: Identify specific apps, websites, and platforms that leave you feeling inspired or informed, and prioritize those.

The Synergy of Good Energy and Tech for Well-being

The relationship between good energy and tech goes far beyond productivity:

  • Reduced Digital Stress:  Studies show that excessive screen time can lead to anxiety and sleep problems. [4] Good energy practices build healthier tech habits.

  • Mindful Communication:  Taking a moment to centre yourself before responding to an email or online comment can prevent impulsive, negative reactions.

  • Empowered Purpose:  Tech tools can help us discover new interests, volunteer for passionate causes, and find our voice on issues that matter.

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Beyond the Individual: Good Energy's Impact on Tech Industry

Promoting good energy impacts more than just us as individuals. It sends ripples through the whole tech ecosystem:

  • User-Centric Design:  When tech companies prioritize the well-being of their users, they create products that are intuitive and supportive, not intrusive.

  • Addressing Tech Addiction:  Good energy principles encourage the development of tech designed to empower rather than ensnare users.

  • Tech for Social Change:  Movements like "Tech for Good" illustrate how technology fueled by positive values can be used to address social and environmental problems. [5]

Action Steps

  1. Tech Gratitude Journal:  For one week, note a few things you're grateful for daily related to your tech use.

  2. Find Your Offline Flow: Explore an activity that gets you into a flow state (playing an instrument, art, sports, etc.) and make it a regular "reset" practice.


Technology's impact on our lives depends significantly on the energy we bring to it. By cultivating optimism, mindfulness, and other facets of good energy in our tech use, we can turn our devices into tools for greater productivity, creativity, well-being, and a more positive world.


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