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L.I.T. Project

An Ignite Nations Initiative

The L.I.T. (Light Up, Inspire, Transform) Project is an Ignite Nations initiative founded on the power of collaboration between diverse brands within our community to help ‘Light up, Inspire and Transform’ villages worldwide.

The first initiative of the L.I.T. Project will be to support Ann Petry and her team to Light up, Inspire and Transform the self-sustaining entrepreneurial village of Butiikwa in Uganda.

Your Gift Matters.

Help us reach our initial goal of raising £10,000 to provide a solar-powered borehole pump, solar panels, and installation.

Your gift will be joined with the donation of others to help achieve our initial L.I.T. goal.

Thank you for your donation!


3 acres of land were purchased in Butiikwa, a village in Uganda, with plans to develop a hub providing health, education, skills training, worship facilities, recreation, and support for children and the elderly. This will empower the community.


They have begun implementing this vision in phases, focusing on the following 4 projects - Water and Health, Livelihood, and Home and Shelter. These initial projects aim to provide clean water access, farm resources, medical aid, counseling, skills training, and food/supplies to community members. Some facilities under development include a community well, a toilet block, a farming area and the foundation for a building known as Block A. This project entails:


Providing electricity generated by solar energy for the entrepreneurial village, beginning with a ‘community centre’ currently under construction.


Raising funds for a solar borehole pump that will pump water into the storage tanks from the well that will provide clean water to the entire community.

Image by Andrew Kliatskyi

Creating Transgenerational Wealth Structures

Ignite Nations is the business and finance hub of Ignite Hubs International. Our goal is to see Sons joining together in collaboration to manifest Yahweh's will on Earth through business, to positively impact humanity locally, nationally and globally that it may be on Earth as it is in Heaven.


"In helping others, we help ourselves. For whatever good we give out completes the circle and comes back to us."

Flora Edwards

Image by Larm Rmah

Become part of the Good Energy Generation

Now your business, organisation or community can partner with KWATTSWAP to generate even more Good Energy- transforming health, the environment, and communities around the world. 

Traditional Shuka


We are on mission to build a community of people  - (The Good Energy People) with a passion to improve the environment and people’s lives in the developing world by swapping dirty and harmful power consumption, such as kerosene and diesel usage, for clean renewable energy systems such as solar and battery storage. This will reduce the reliance on fossil fuels and bring a good energy future for the next generation.

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