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To bring ‘Good Energy’ to widows, schools, hospitals and entire townships. This will help eliminate the harmful effects of fossil fuels or bad energy, and open doors to life-giving technologies in areas such as education, and healthcare. All this can be achieved through small acts that create big change.


The Founders of KWATTSWAP

Les and Jackie Dennis have devoted their lives to making small acts that have a big impact. During the Civil War in Mozambique, their unwavering compassion and dedication to aiding refugees and orphans became a beacon of hope amid chaos. They later moved to Malawi and continued their mission by establishing a project focused on caring for orphans and promoting community development. Their selfless acts of kindness and commitment to positively impacting the world led them to found KWATTSWAP.

Les and Jackie’s dedication to the betterment of the world continues to inspire and motivate us as we collaborate through KWATTSWAP to forge a brighter future.

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KWATTSWAP was founded to uplift and restore the dignity of one of the most marginalised groups in Africa—widows. By providing a reliable and sustainable energy source, KWATTSWAP aims to light up widows' homes and empower them to create and run businesses, leading to better livelihoods for their families. Over time, the vision expanded to include rural areas, hospitals, and schools in developing countries, improving access to quality healthcare, education, and socio-economic development.

What We Do

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Join us in our mission to create positive change by donating today! Your contribution will help us make a lasting impact and support those in need. 


We are on mission to build a community of people  - (The Good Energy People) with a passion to improve the environment and people’s lives in the developing world by swapping dirty and harmful power consumption, such as kerosene and diesel usage, for clean renewable energy systems such as solar and battery storage. This will reduce the reliance on fossil fuels and bring a good energy future for the next generation.

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